Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult Are a Modern ‘90s Couple

Anya Taylor-Joy attends "The Menu" conversation
Manny Carabel/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you look at images of The Menu costars Nicholas Hoult and Anya Taylor-Joy promoting their film at the 92nd Street Y in New York without any context, it might take you a second to place the year they were taken. Yes, they are of 2022 quality standards, but the two actors have a heavily ‘90s aesthetic going for them. And no, we’re not talking low-waisted ultra-cropped skirts, track suits, or any of the other highly stereotypical fashions that have been back in style as of late. We’re talking good ol’ authentic ‘90s—slip dresses, and sloppy chic, like they stepped right out of an episode of Friends.

Seriously, these two (pictured here with their other costar, Hong Chau), seem like they studied at the style alter of Ross and Rachel. For Hoult, it’s the oversized slacks that hang low on his waist and pool at his feet, as well as the haphazardly tucked button down. The white t-shirt underneath and the five o’clock shadow add to the look and bring the cute-guy-in-a-’90s-sitcom aesthetic home. But if Hoult is the goofy paleontologist, Taylor-Joy is the main character, the reformed-brat-turned-NYC-fashion-girl who has a closet filled with slip dresses and oversized coats (which she placed atop the satin dress to keep warm in the dropping NYC temps). The slightly-crimped, casual half-up hair completes this persona.

Manny Carabel/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Standing side-by-side, they’re a sitcom couple, but on her own, Taylor-Joy is giving Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (whose Narciso Rodriguez-designed wedding dress resembles Taylor-Joy’s slip). In fact, this look from the actress has us hungry for a biopic on the fashion insider turned American royalty, and who better to play her than Taylor-Joy? We know Pablo Larraín is currently busy working on his latest film about famed opera singer Maria Callas with Angelina Jolie, but maybe he should consider adding a Bessette-Kennedy/Taylor-Joy project to his cue. He already took on her mother-in-law in Jackie, why not keep it in the family?

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