Rihanna Shows Off Savage x Fenty’s Christmas Pajamas with a Completely Exposed Butt


These are not your family’s matching Christmas pajamas, they’re Savage x Fenty’s new collection of tartan cozies and while they may look innocent from the front, Rihanna’s latest set for her lingerie brand is the definition of “party in the back.”

Savage x Fenty has released a new line of plaid pajamas, featuring a bra, pajama shorts, shirt, and pants in black and blue or red and yellow color ways. Of course, these aren’t just simple pajamas. They have a Rihanna twist, namely edgy details like a “X” emblazoned waistband and tie-up feature on the arms of the sleep shirt. The most Savage aspect, though, comes on the pants. The piece features an “open bum” as described on the Savage x Fenty site. Held together by black string, the back panel of the pants is missing, allowing for a cut out for the wearer’s butt to shine through.

Throughout her time at Savage x Fenty, Rihanna has learned there is no better marketing strategy than the buzz she can create on her own social media. With 112 million followers on Instagram, a simple post (or even story) is enough to make headlines and promote her brand without the opening of a wallet. That is exactly why, upon the release of these new products, it was Rihanna who threw them on and took to her Instagram Stories to show off the set, including the pants. The singer flaunted her backside, which was on display through the cutout, on Instagram, smoldering into the camera and making fans everyone consider for the first time, “maybe I do need a pair of ass-less pajama pants...”