What to Wear to All Those Weddings You’re Going to This Summer

Collage by Tilden Bissell for W magazine.

When the pandemic hit, many couples made the difficult decision to put their weddings on hold. Fast forward a little over a year later, and what seemed like a farfetched dream has now become a reality once again: Our summer weekends are booked and our Instagram feeds are peppered with white dresses, grainy videos of people breaking it down to Motown bands, and long tables covered with peonies and slices of cake. If you’ve got multiple nuptials on your calendar and are overwhelmed at the idea of planning not just a regular party outfit, but a veritable post-lockdown fashion debut, we’re here to help. Sleek and minimalist or flouncy and feminine? Long or short? Low key or covered in a loud print? No matter what style you gravitate towards, there are some truly fabulous options out there for small backyard elopements, big tented blowouts and everything in between. Here, 10 of our favorite fun, festive dresses that will turn heads on any dance floor.