All-Time Favorite Fragrances

W‘s Beauty Director, Jane Larkworthy, shares her all-time favorite fragrances.


“My other weak-in-the-knees scent is anything that conjures the ambiance of a fireplace. Santal 33 fits the bill. Every time I wear this sandalwood and fig fragrance I get compliments.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“Dior’s done a lot of great scents, but this one is widely considered his?and by his, I mean Mr. Dior’s, not Mr. Galliano’s?crowning achievement. This mix of lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and lilac is the most elegant white floral I know. When I’m going black tie, I’m going Diorissimo.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“When it launched in the late Eighties or early Nineties, L’Eau d’Issey caused a sensation with its groundbreaking bouquet?outdoorsy, clean, and intoxicating is the only way to describe it. It was all I wore through most of my twenties, much to my then-boss’s chagrin. She was a Shalimar lady. Need I say more?” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“Refreshing is the first word that comes to mind when smelling this green, balsamy mix of galbanum, may rose, iris, and vetiver. I once spilled an entire bottle while traveling through France by train. The ubiquitous smell drove my companion crazy, but it didn’t diminish my love in the slightest.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“This rare combination of woody, jasmine, and citrus notes can best be described as warm, soft, and understated?kind of like a camel-colored Hermès cashmere blanket.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“Vetiver is primarily used in men’s scents, but lately it’s been creeping into more and more women’s. My favorite is Annick Goutal Vetiver. It’s one of my summer scents. I wear it when I’m in something crisp, cotton, and?usually?white.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“This fragrance smells like the most intoxicating flower shop. The lilac-based juice also contains green and watery (aka ozonic) notes. It’s happy, clean, and very feminine.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“While I detest most “holiday” fragrances, sprays, and candles, I swoon over the smell of pine trees. Mandy Aftel managed to capture that element of nature perfectly.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“Sometimes white florals contain too much rose or other cloying notes, which make me think they shouldn’t even be called white florals. But other times they’re enhanced with a divine scoop of green?be it grass, hedgerow, or even moss?and I’m in heaven. Privet Bloom is that heaven.” –Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director