Stalking the Art Set

For an inside look at the art world, these are the Instagramers to follow.

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 Although he’s not an avid poster...


The daughter of the collector Beth Rubin DeWoody and co-founder of Grey Area (@shopgreyarea), art world It girl Kyle DeWoody grew up an insider. Her feed mixes snaps of her favorites artists, gallery openings, latest projects, and her furry friend Gracie.



The alter ego of New York artist Andrew Kuo, this idiosyncratic account plays upon the appropriative nature of social media and the Internet’s obsession with adorable animals.



The artist Alex Prager shares a glimpse of what goes on behind the lens including her adventures on the art and fashion circuit. (She even took over the @wmag feed for a day!)



Although he’s not an avid poster, the gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin fills his feed with behind-the-scenes shots taken with some of the hottest names in art like Takashi Murakami (@takashipom), pictured, posing in front of Damien Hirst’s tank in Doha.



Doreen Remen, the glamorous co-founder of Art Production Fund, is always out and about—and her account is a great source for following the who’s who of the art world.



Traveling the world with his “Inside Out” project, the French street artist snaps pictures of his art in action.



Yes, the gallerist Andrea Rosen documents studio visits and her latest installations, but she also takes some pretty great street style shots.



The world through the eyes of an artist on the move—and on the rise.



The jet-set dealer, auctioneer and dj Simon De Pury takes us around the world one spectacular show at a time.



The model-turned entrepreneur China Chow may not be an artist or a gallerist, but the young collector is a favorite of the art set and always posts snaps of her enviable adventures.