The Highest-Quality CBD Products For Bath, Body, and Mind

A happy woman in a garden after using CBD products
Photo by Ryan McGinley.

It’s safe to say that CBD has gone past “having a moment” to becoming a central ingredient in all things wellness, from relaxing bath bombs to immunity-boosting gummies to redness-reducing skincare. While the effects of the cannabis-derived ingredient are still being studied, there’s plenty of evidence that it can help reduce anxiety and inflammation. Still, it can be hard to parse what’s well-researched and effective from what’s just capitalizing on the buzz with a few drops and weed-adjacent branding, so we did it for you. Here, some of our favorite, tried and tested CBD products.

Plant People Drops +Relief , $79,

Trouble unwinding lately or dealing with body aches or tension? These drops from Plant People are an effective addition to any evening routine. Thanks to the addition of turmeric and ginger, they taste nice, too.

Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer, $75,

A trusted brand since CBD’s first brush with mainstream popularity, Lord Jones’ new Acid Mantle Moisturizer touts the ability to rescue your face from over-cleansing, harsh acids and otherwise irritated skin.

Prima Bath Gem, $16,

Made with epsom salts, Prima’s Bath Gem offers a soothing, elegantly scented soak for tired muscles.

Highline Wellness CBD Immunity Gummies, $35,

With Zinc and vitamin C, these zippy, citrusy gummies provide a little daily immune system boost combined with CBD’s calming effects.

Pellequr Lavender Vanilla CBD Salve 1000mg, $110,

Pellequr’s silky salve transforms on skin to rub away aches and pains, not to mention smells fantastic.

Vertly Soothing Florals CBD Face Mist, $48,

Packed with vitamins A, C and E, this floral facial mist from Vertly offers a quick refresh for tired skin.

Highborn Défumé CBD Anointing Oil, $72,

Highborn’s calming oil features notes of sandalwood and palo santo. Dot on pulse points for an aromatic escape.

Herbivore Emerald 50mg CBD Cleansing Soap Bar, $14,

Herbivore’s verdant new soap cleanses skin and reduces inflammation with Colorado-grown full-spectrum CBD and hemp seed oil.

natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath, $150,

The minimalist packaging of this bath soak looks lovely on the side of any tub, and its uplifting floral formula leaves skin smelling like jasmine, plumeria and vetiver.