The Best Hydrating Masks to Banish Dry Winter Skin

Collage of bottles and tubes of hydrating masks for dry winter skin
Collage by Tilden Bissell.

As temperatures get harsher and the air gets drier, your skin might start to feel like it could use a little extra love. Plus, with constant mask-wearing, the skin around your nose and mouth might feel even more rough, raw and inflamed than it usually does this time of year. In addition to incorporating thicker creams or rethinking your serums, adding a deeply hydrating mask to your routine can go a long way in improving texture and soothing irritation. In anticipation of the colder months ahead, we’ve rounded out the best masks to solve your cold-weather skin woes, no matter what issues you’re facing. From Golde’s “green smoothie for your skin” to Dieux’s new reusable eye masks that keep selling out, plus exciting new picks from KLUR and Dr. Barbara Sturm, there’s something here for everyone.

For Sensitive Skin: KLUR Supreme Seed Mask, $60,

Launched in September, this mask from popular beauty brand Klur is packed with cacao and B5 to gently purify skin without overstripping. Also, it smells good enough to eat—without any synthetic fragrance—and is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Still not convinced? Read four glowing reviews from W editors who gave it a try.

For All Skin Types: Dieux Forever Eye Masks, $25,

These eye masks may be waitlist-only right now, but for good reason. They’re made of high-quality, reusable silicone and meant to be used with your favorite hydrating eye products—meaning you can turn anything into a more intensive treatment. Also, starting 11/9, $1 of every eye mask order will go to Fair Fight and the New Georgia Project, to help register voters and engage communities in Georgia before the runoff elections early next year.

For the Acne-Prone: ZitSticka Press Refresh Masks, $36 for 5,

Even as temperatures drop, pimples (and mask-ne) are still very much a thing. This new, high-tech mask from ZitSticka contains acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acids; allantoin and hyaluronic acid to keep skin dewy and hydrated; and niacinamide to reduce irritation. It also uses graphene tech, which syncs with your body temperature to increase ingredient absorption.

For Dry Skin: Sisley Paris Velvet Sleeping Mask, $140,

This mask might sport a hefty price tag, but our editors agree that this moisturizing mask with thyme honey and shea butter is seriously soothing. Wear it overnight for a more intense dose of hydration, or apply it for 10 minutes as quick treatment.

For All Skin Types: Golde Clean Greens Mask, $34,

Not only does Golde make awesome matcha and turmeric lattes, they also offer a cult favorite face mask, Clean Greens. Touted as a “green smoothie for your skin”, this gentle gel-to-powder mask is good enough to eat—literally. Suitable for most skin types, this blend of mango juice powder, marshmallow root extract, spirulina, and chlorella refreshes skin while calming irritation.

For All Skin Types: Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask, $120,

Another luxe option featuring white kaolin clay, aloe, and chamomile, this mask is great for whenever your skin needs a little refresh. Purslane, a strong anti-aging ingredient, also helps calm redness and irritation.

For Dry Skin: Eluo Forma Rosa Mask, $35,

This eco-friendly hydrating mask from Eluo comes in powder form to be mixed with your chosen activator (like a floral hydrosol, yogurt or your favorite face oil). Coconut milk powder provides moisture, while rosehip and chamomile brighten skin tone and smoothe texture.

For All Skin Types: KNC Beauty Kiss My Lips! Lip Masks, $25 for 5,

Don’t forget to give parched lips a little TLC with these Instagram-approved lip masks. With bitter cherry extract and vitamin c, these celebrity-favorite masks give you a softer, plumper pout no matter how dry the winter air gets.

For Sensitive Skin: Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Gel Masque, $79,

Take this peptide-packed mask for a spin—it’s ideal for folks with more sensitive or mature skin to fight the signs of aging . That being said, its light gel-like consistency is also great for anyone who who tends to shy away from heavier treatments.