13 Surprisingly Chic Workout Essentials You Can Find on Amazon

In the early, dark days of quarantine, when I craved any sense of routine, I found that online workout classes were my secret to sanity. Whether I was plugging into my favorite dance class or a low-impact yoga flow, carving out that hour for myself helped add structure and balance to days that felt endless. The ideal at-home workout experience begins with a few key essentials: a large water bottle, comfortable sneakers, a well-cushioned yoga mat, and of course, great workout attire. On any day of the week, you can find me parked in front of my laptop donning bike shorts like the below from Amazon’s Core 10 collection and a sports bra similar to this one from Year of Ours. Accessories like Bala’s 1lb arm and ankle weights or a chic towel to wipe off well-earned sweat are just a few of some unexpected additions I’ve come to rely on during my journey of at-home workouts. Almost as satisfying than feeling that burn? The fact that you can find all of this stuff on Amazon. Get motivated with these 13 fitness essentials, below.

Adidas bra, $24,

This classic white sports bra from Adidas is a must-have for any extracurricular activity. Wear with the below bike short for a full look.

Core 10 bike short, $25,

It’s clear that the bike short bonanza is here to stay. These chic black ones from Amazon’s Core 10 collection are a must.

Soma water bottle, $30,

Get your liters in with this glass water bottle from Soma. The olive green sleeve is a fashionable touch.

NewMe Yoga Mat, $30,

Yoga mat and yoga class all in one? Roll out this mat and find 70 illustrated poses to try at home.

Year of Ours bralette, $65,

This ribbed bralette from Year of Ours adds a chic touch to any boat pose or downward dog.

Nike shorts, $30,

On your next run or walk, try on these shorts from Nike. The navy is a nice change from the expected black.

KinHwa sweat towels, $16,

Add these sweat towels to your gym bag and never look back. They’re as absorbent as they are stylish.

Amazon Essential Tanks, $19,

Crop tops aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but these tanks from Amazon Essential’s are the perfect in-between length. This black and white duo will go with any legging or shorts.

Alo leggings, $78,

A flattering legging can be hard to find. Look no further than Alo’s airbrush legging, which always seem to fit perfectly.

Asic Sneakers, $130,

Add a pop of color to your running ensemble with this pair of shoes from Asics.

Adidas track pants, $30,

These Adidas red track pants are a nice cold-weather layer, too.

Bala bangles, $49,

Challenge yourself by incorporating these 1lb Bala bands into all of your workouts. Your arms will thank you.

Missufe shirt, $18,

This wrap top will keep you warm during any low-impact workout.