Off to Capri


Every year my husband and I are invited to Capri by a good friend, Ricardo Pintado Caravita di Sirignano, to his family’s magical home, Villa Castello. This year Ricardo’s mother was throwing him a party to celebrate his marriage to Flavia Kelson, a dear friend of mine who works at AERIN. We spent four short days there. I wouldn’t call it a relaxing beach vacation but more an exciting, fun and activity-filled trip. Here a few of my favorite sights and things to do on the small island.


Welcome to Villa Castello, the entire house is an Instagrammer’s paradise —amazing objects, mosaic floors, and ethereal gardens. Here is a view of Marina Grande from the balcony of our room.


Bianca, the family cook, makes Italian pound cake every morning and serves it with very strong coffee that had me buzzing and ready for my daily hike.


The bougainvillea-lined streets on the way to Arco Naturale are amazing; they remind me of my mom’s home in Mexico.


The stairs were quite intense—a work out all their own.


There is inspiration everywhere—even the street signs are chic.


My favorite lunch spot is Da Luigi – the best mini squid appetizer I have ever had in my life – so good we ordered two of them!


To get to Da Luigi you can either take a boat or go down a steep set of stairs. We took the boat, and went for a swim before lunch to work up an appetite. Here, a few friends lounging around.


What’s a trip to Italy without daily gelato? The yoghurt flavor is fantastic, and an Italian large is an American small—so naturally I ordered the large at R Buonocore, the best gelato on the island, maybe the world!


The garden inside Villa Castello is beautiful—there are so many different, plants and flowers, a beautiful grape vine and a lemon tree (pictured here).


A view of the yachts surrounding the island.


The party was at one of the most famous restaurants in Capri, Bagni di Tiberio, also accessible by water. The small boats were filled with Italian seafood specialties, which were amazing.


The lovely couple.


The following day we had a relaxing lunch at home.