We’ve all heard of fashion statements, but for certain celebrities, it’s their hair and makeup that speak volumes. Jane Larkworthy and Christina Han stalk Hollywood’s beauty tribes.


#### The Tressed-Outs

The look: Hair with the volume turned up to 11—and curves to match

What it says: “Does this ‘do make my butt look smaller?”

Style icon: Dolly Parton

Members of the tribe: (from left) Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé

Lost without: A wind machine


#### The Stuffers

The look: Ever expanding lips, breasts, and/or cheeks

What it says: “My plastic surgeon has three kids in private school.”

Style icon: Meg Ryan

Members of the tribe: (from left) Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, Megan Fox

Should get a contract with: Allergan


#### The Morning-Afters

The look: Bed head, last night’s makeup, a whiff of cigarettes and perfume

What it says: “I’d cut you if I wasn’t so tired.”

Style icon: Patti Smith

Members of the tribe: (from left) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Courtney Love

Lost without: Ray-Bans and Red Bull


#### The Shinings

The look: Oiled-up limbs, chest, and clavicle

What it says: “Grease is the word.”

Style icon: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Universe

Members of the tribe: (from left) Jada Pinkett Smith, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez

Should get a contract with: Wesson


#### The Apathetics

The look: Ponytail and lip balm

What it says: “It’s not like I didn’t shower!”

Style icon: Meryl Streep

Members of the tribe: (from left) Tina Fey, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart

Should get a contract with: Ivory soap