Chrissy Teigen Really, Truly Had the Best Summer of Us All


From throwing the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners’ game against the Minnesota Twins back in June to their recent escapades in Venice, Italy, the Chrissy Teigen-John Legend clan has made the most of the summer. The three world travelers—including their daughter Luna Simone—made their way to Laguna Beach, to Lake Como, Italy, and to Bali, where they absorbed all the cultural landmarks, and, of course, the food along the way. The trio are no strangers to far-flung adventures; earlier this year, we were gripped by their escapades in Morocco. In between summer travels, Legend also embarked on a tour, bringing his wife and daughter along for the ride and hashtagging it #LunasFirstTour. August is already upon us, the summer drawing to a close, but summer vacation snaps are timeless, so we’re looking back on all Chrissy Teigen’s (and John Legend’s) most memorable vacation moments on Instagram.


Luna Simone threw out the first pitch at the Mariners vs. Twins game in Seattle, Washington, June 2017.


John Legend, proud dad, prepares for the first pitch—to be thrown by daughter Luna—at a June Mariners vs. Twins game in Seattle, Washington, June 2017.


Luna, in a custom Mariners jersey, on the field with parents Chrissy Teigen and John Legend during the game where she threw the first pitch in Seattle, Washington, June 2017.


Legend, Teigen, and Luna make the most of a tour stop in Chicago, Illinois, taking in the Lincoln Park Zoo (with a giraffe for company), June 2017.


Chrissy Teigen with Luna Simone in Laguna Beach, California, June 2017.


Chrissy Teigen traveled to Boston to wish John Legend a happy Father’s Day while he was on tour, June 2017.


John Legend with a very curious Luna Simone in Bali, July 2017.


The whole family traveled to the Indonesian island of Bali, trying out some traditional looks along the way, July 2017.


Teigen with her daughter Luna in Bali, July 2017.


Teigen played paparazzi to her husband and daughter when they stopped in Lake Como, Italy, July 2017.


Next stop, Venice, Italy, where Teigen has been Instagramming her (it bears saying, impossibly chic) adventures with her daughter, August 2017.


The best mother-daughter dates are the ones on the pedestrian streets of Venice, as Luna and Chrissy Teigen demonstrate all too well.