8 Photos of the Cutest Dogs In the Chicest Homes

While everything may be gorgeous and pristine in their clients’ rooms, behind closed doors many interior designers have a secret: They like to let their shedding, drooling dogs roam free among the carefully sourced furniture, and even their beds. Indeed, many actually consider their pets to be part of their curated settings, as is adorably illustrated in At Home With Dogs and Their Designers, a new book by Susanna Salk out now. The book is filled with pups gazing up wide-eyed from all sorts of beautiful love seats and ottomans. Among the 22 who’ve joined the ranks of fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Thom Browne in their obsession are Jonathan Adler, who splits his time between New York City and Shelter Island with both his husband Simon Doonan and their mutt FoxyLady, and Michelle Nussbaumer, who’s adopted no less than seven dogs—including three Great Danes, one of whom has a predilection for eating her Gucci loafers. They travel with her to her homes in Dallas, San Miguel, and Gstaad, while Mary McDonald’s five pugs mostly stay put in Los Angeles, where they’ve been known to ruin her white furniture, and yet still get treated to their favorite sweet peas and baby carrots. Give yourself a treat, too, with a look at her pups and more, here.


FoxyLady, a mutt, in Jonathan Adler’s home in Greenwich Village.


Daisy Olympia Green, a Wheaten terrier, in Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s home in California.


Loretta, a Great Dane, in Michelle Nussbaumer’s home in Dallas.


Jack, Lulu, Boris, and Violet, all pugs, in Mary McDonald’s home in Los Angeles.


Lily, aka HRH Lily, a French bulldog, in Mark D. Sikes’s home in Hollywood Hills, California.


Sera and Sophie, both shih tzus, at Brooke Giannetti’s home at the Patina Farm in Ojai, California.


Daisy Olympia Green, a Wheaten terrier, in Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s home in California.


Theodore Nelson Papachristidis, aka Teddy, a Yorkie, in Alex Papachristidis’s home in New York.