21 Simple Engagement Rings to Buy Now

Dior Fine Jewelry ring. Styled by Sarah M Richardson. Hair by Enzo Angileri for Infusium 23 at Cloutier Remix; makeup by Francesca Tolot for Dior at Cloutier Remix.

Finding the one can take a lifetime, but finding the perfect engagement ring for your beloved should be easy. Some of the most classic styles for engagement rings include simple silver, gold or platinum bands with a single diamond, diamond eternity bands, or a variation of the two merged together. For instance, consider Cartier’s 1895 Solitaire ring, platinum and diamond with a brilliant-cut setting that will not go unnoticed. Or, Harry Winston‘s Lily Cluster ring, which features an elegant twist of diamonds but retains a classic appeal. If Kate Upton’s nuptials this weekend is any indication, we seem to be entering wedding season. So, here is a guide to some of our favorite simple engagement rings available now.

Dior Fine Jewelry ring. Styled by Sarah M Richardson. Hair by Enzo Angileri for Infusium 23 at Cloutier Remix; makeup by Francesca Tolot for Dior at Cloutier Remix.

Cartier, 1895 Solitaire ring, This platinum and diamond ring with a brilliant-cut setting will certainly not go unnoticed, yet remains simplistically classic. (Price by request),


Forevermark, Forevermark Setting Diamond Engagement ring, In Forevermark’s signature setting, this engagement ring is simple yet unique. $11,998,


Catbird, Anna Karenina Marquise diamond ring, An inlay of diamonds covers the entire band, available in platinum, rose gold or yellow gold, this ring is one of a kind. $2,690,

Jade Trau

Jade Trau, Astor Ring No2, This ring would pair perfectly with all of your favorite rings or make a statement all on it’s own. $5,200,

Kat Kim

Kat Kim, Emerald Sunset ring, This ring by Kat Kim comes in gold or silver, take your pick. $12,800,

De Beers

De Beers, DB Classic Trio ring, This ring features a trio of diamonds exquisitely placed on a platinum band. $7,100,

Jemma Wynne

Jemma Wynne, 18-karat gold diamond ring, Perfect for the glam girl who needs an extra touch of sparkle in her daily life. $7,645,

Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield, Hazeline solitaire ring, With a trio of diamond accents on either side of the central diamond, this ring is perfect for the classic girl with an edge. $10,000,

Graziela Gems

Graziela Gems, Ascension full band ring, The details on this full diamond band add a unique element making it just as special as you are. $5,250,

Harry Winston

Harry Winston, Lily Cluster round brilliant diamond engagement ring, Featuring an elegant twist of diamonds, this ring is unique with a classic appeal. $11,300,


Chopard, For Ever ring pave, This rose gold ring is the perfect classic engagement ring and comes in a few different versions. (price by request),

Alice Cicolini

Alice Cicolini, Memphis Candy engagement ring, The blue and purple striped band adds a playful touch to a classic style. $3,870,

Cathy Waterman

Cathy Waterman, Triple Hexagonal Bezel ring, With a row of diamonds and a hidden diamond in the back, this ring would be the perfect addition to anyone’s left hand. $4,580,

Porter Gulch

Porter Gulch, May ring, On a simple band and accentuated with diamonds in varying sizes, this ring is classic with an edge. $5,590,

Eva Fehren

Eva Fehren, The Muse, This ring will certainly not go unnoticed- the blackened platinum band makes the diamonds seem to sparkle even brighter. (price by request),

Fox and Bond

Fox and Bond, Baguette and round diamond platinum ring, Originally from the 1940’s, this ring certainly carries love stories of the past- give it a new one. $1,200,


Messika, Joy Diamant Rond ring, Who wouldn’t want to wear Messika’s diamond band featuring a brilliant cut central diamond every day? €6,500,

Octavia Elizabeth

Octavia Elizabeth, Octavia Elizabeth Signature Solitaire, This ring can be customized to create your perfect ring, choose from various colors, stone shapes and sizes. from $5,000,

Zoe Fine Jewelry

Zoe Fine Jewelry, Opaque white diamond ring, This ring features an opaque white diamond as the focus point as well as a band of diamonds. $3,500,

Alexandra Jules

Alexandra Jules, diamond heart ring, Wear your heart on your ring finger with this diamond heart ring, available in yellow, white or rose gold. $2,900,

Monique Pean

Monique Pean, Hexagonal white diamond ring, A portion of the proceeds of this ring are donated to charity, all the more reason to choose this gorgeous ring. $36,890,