New Eccentrics

The European collections were truly uplifting—and, sometimes, a little baffling. W‘s deputy editor deconstructs a few favorites.


A soundproof room + Japanese tattoos + a mushroom cluster = Junya Watanabe’s prickly princesses Photographs courtesy of Getty Images and Shutterstock.


A mountain goat + a life vest + a sleeping bag = Fendi’s quilted queens Photographs courtesy of Getty Images.


A Moroccan pouf + a Pomeranian + an Olga de Amaral artwork = Sacai’s macramé mavens Photographs courtesy of Getty Images, Etsy and Craft Australia National Historical Collection.


Kobe Bryant’s basketball mask + Humphrey Bogart + a broken bottle = Undercover’s dangerous dames Photographs courtesy of Indigital, IStock, Everett Collection, and Getty Images.


Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums + Prince’s Raspberry Beret album cover + Clark Kent = Gucci’s boho babes Photographs courtesy of DC Comics, Getty Images, Paisley Park, and Buena Vista Pictures.