How to Get In Shape in 2013


To say that some of us at W are a little fitness obsessed would be an understatement, and since the New Year there has been much talk around the office about new exercise routines—not to mention our resolve to stick with them. Here, the editors share their fitness finds.


When you are a city rider like I am, pedaling uphill is only half the battle—you have to look cool doing it! I’m excited to get a fresh set of wheels (and a new look) California bike company Solé. (


Cool cuts and graphic prints mean my workout gear doesn’t have to be as boring as a run on the treadmill. I’m loving these new looks from Work Out Life. (


My new year’s resolution is to tone my arms, and I have found my solution —Chaise 23! I cannot stop raving about these classes, which combine a Pilates chair (hence, “Chaise”), bungee cords that hang down from the ceiling (so your arms are in motion the entire time), and cardio movements. I always walk out of my workouts feeling amazing! (


I’m pretty religious about my Saturday morning Exhale Core Fusion Sport classes with Rebecca Sherman Morcelo. The heart-pumping pace and serious weight resistance work are a great counterpoint to my daily runs and Sherman Morcelo’s enthusiasm is infectious. (


As an avid runner, I loved receiving this for Christmas. It tracks distance, split times, calories burned and even intervals, giving me the motivation I need to make it through my brutal winter runs. (Nike+ Sportwatch GPS,


Amanda Freeman’s cult uptown studio, SLT, is opening a second location downtown, which means I might finally muster up the motivation to try her notoriously hardcore megaformer workout. (


I think of Equinox’s new Animal Flow like speed yoga—60 minutes of high-energy moves that use only your own body weight for resistance. Each move is inspired by the natural poses of different animals, and after eating like a wild beast for the past month, I’m hoping my animal spirit will now take me somewhere leaner.


I’m hitting David Barton gym this January for my annual NYFW slim-down and trying ‘Pain and Pleasure’, a 60-minute weight training class and full-on assault on my body. (


These Nike fly knits—which are light as air and come in eye-popping neons—are my go-to shoe for the run to and from the gym. (


My sister started training with Shawn Rogers at Your Body, Your Machine. It’s all about using your body weight, so you won’t find a treadmill or any machine at his gym, but she has lost inches. I’m thinking I should give it a try, too!” (