Hair Raisers

Phylia de M. Re-Connect

The latest generation of over-the-counter hair-loss products treat the scalp with high-tech ingredients borrowed from the skincare realm.


This spritz prevents testosterone from stunting hair growth and treats the scalp with beneficial antioxidants.

Hairmax for Density Activator, $54,


In this spray—a more potent version of the cult favorite Connect—aloe and tannic acid enhance cell renewal, and fulvic acid helps transport nutrients to the follicles and clear debris.

Phylia de M. Re-Connect, $80,


Another peptide-and-adenosine formula, this ultralightweight spray uses stem cells to encourage cell repair and renewal.

DS Laboratories Spectral CSF , $37, cleopatraschoice .com


Peptides boost collagen in the scalp, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation; adenosine energizes the hair-producing cells; and saw palmetto rids the skin of excess testosterone.

Dr. Dennis Gross skincare Root Resilience Anti-Aging Scalp Serum, $54,


This spray has tetrapeptides, which help prolong the growth phase. Neoruscine and nicotinamide assist in ferrying nutrients into the “bulb” of the hair, where the follicle is created.

Glytone By Ducray Neoptide Hair Lotion Spray , $95,


The doctor behind MD Lash, the popular lash-growing agent, started from scratch to create this scalp formula. Cytokines help with cell-to-cell communication—so the follicles get the message to produce. Antioxidants derived from ergothioneine soothe inflamed follicles.

MD Hair Restoration Follicle Energizer , $140, skin1 .com