Photos: Youth in Revolt

An exclusive peek at Tim Palen’s new book featuring never-before-seen photographs of The Hunger Games cast.

Hunger Games

“We shot this in Hawaii, after Catching Fire wrapped. We had Jen for the whole day; it was the most time we ever got with her. She glows for real. Like, she’s dewy all the time. You could shoot her with a camera from Walgreens, and she would look stunning.”

Photo by Tim Palen.


“Elizabeth Banks during the making of the second movie, Catching Fire. From Suzanne Collins’ point of view, this was the book of color—so we had Effie Trinket in this pink carnation dress, which I think was Alexander McQueen. That’s our brilliant costume designer, Trish Summerville, with her back to the camera.”

Photo by Tim Palen.


Photographing Natalie Dormer is like shooting a wild, feral animal. She just looks badass. Sometimes, you’re shooting 18 people in one day, some of whom are actors who don’t like being photographed. But she knows how to move and to have her picture taken.”

Photo by Tim Palen.