Inside the House of Tai Ping

The couture carpet maker for everyone from Gisele to the White House.

Stephanie Coutas Paris.jpg
Courtesy of House of Tai Ping
Private residence in Paris.

” This custom-made Tai Ping rug, designed by Stéphanie Coutas, really brings consistency, harmony and glamour to this beautiful Paris apartment. The white, the black and the different shades of grey bring to the room a sensible touch of elegance and personality.”

Baccarat Hotel, New York

“I’m very happy to see how the amazing timelessness of the neoclassical Fin De Regne rug, designed by Gilles & Boissier for Tai Ping, brings to the room a creative touch of elegance and comfort in its red and brown colors, as well as a sense of contemporaneousness.”

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Barcelona

“Patricia Urquiola’s vision and creativity has been a wonderful challenge for Tai Ping. The intricacy of the designs, the very subtle cutting-edge color palette as well as the different textures selected made the rugs an important player in this unique, breath-taking hotel.”

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Barcelona
The Cody House, Palm Springs

“A beautiful Edward Fields design, this Terra custom-made rug reflects mid-century modern style. I really enjoy the very nice story behind this: the rug was designed for Brooke Astor to disguise indoor dog droppings.”

Private Stella Maris yacht
The Cody House, Palm Springs

“This wonderful Edward Fields design sits in the amazing American mid-century Cody House and was shot by the iconic photographer Julius Shulman before he passed away. The Deep reflects the very creative mid-century American pop art movement.”

Private residence in Moscow.
Private residence, Beverly Hills.