Fashion Geeks, Rejoice! The Book You’ll Be Obsessed with This Fall Has Arrived

In her new book Runway, out October 11, Alix Browne celebrates 20 years of the spectacle that is the runway show.

Runway_p038-039 2.jpg

Louis Vuitton, Fall 2012. Models arrived onto the set of a turn of the century railway station in an old fashioned train car, built from scratch, and pulled by a period steam engine.


Maison Martin Margiela, Fall 2000. Freight cars were outfitted with spindly ballroom chairs and festooned with disco balls, transforming them into ready-made salons.


Chanel Fall 2010. While all the fur in the collection was fake, the 250 ton iceberg, flown in from Scandinavia, was definitely real.


Maison Martin Margiela Fall 1997. In this traveling show, a busload of models accompanied by an old fashioned brass band disembarked at three different points around Paris. Appropriately, the invitation that season came in the form of a tourist map.


Alexander McQueen Spring 2004. In the breathtaking second act of McQueen’s runway show, which was inspired by the film “They Shoot Horses Don’t They,” models circled the floor of Paris’s Salle Wagram at mock breakneck speed.


Bruce Fall 1998. The designers nailed several pairs of shoes to the floor of the all white space and directed models to walk from one to the next, and to be as still as department store mannequins.