The astounding 2,000-acre estate in Northern Ireland that is home to Lindy, the Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, is a frozen-in-amber reflection of the British Empire at its peak. Read the complete article.

Photographer: Simon Watson

The east front of the mansion house at Clandeboye, which dates from 1801 and is one of Ireland’s largest and oldest estates.

Photographer: Simon Watson

Lady Dufferin, 67, is a member of the fabled Guinness family by both birth and marriage. Her father, Loel Guinness, came from the so-called banking branch of the clan; in 1964 Lindy married a distant cousin from the brewing side, Sheridan Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, the Fifth Marquess of Dufferin and Ava.

Photographer: Simon Watson

Decorated with souvenirs and treasures collected in East Asia by the First Marquess, a noted diplomat, the double staircase is the heart of the house.

Photographer: Simon Watson

All the bedrooms are named after places the First Marquess was sent en poste. This one is known as “France.”

Photographer: Simon Watson

All view of the the “Paris” bedroom.

Photographer: Simon Watson

Sir Harold Nicolson, nephew of the First Marquess, called the library “one of the pleasantest rooms on earth.” The bookcases are inscribed in gilt with the names of Greek gods.

Photographer: Simon Watson

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the gallery.

Photographer: Simon Watson

Lady Dufferin dotes on her estate’s 130 heifers, who are the source of England’s lauded Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt. (Here, she poses with cow trainer Mark Logan and Willow, who was voted Ireland’s Supreme Champion, Cow of the Year.)

Photographer: Simon Watson

In the past decade, Lady Dufferin has returned to painting. Here, “The Library at Clandeboye, Morning Light,” a 2003 oil work.

To see more work, click [HERE]( 80ff&action=artist).

Photographer: Simon Watson

Heraldry, weaponry and hunting prizes line the inner hall, a later addition to the house.