Lily-Rose Depp Is the Coolest Cool Teen on Instagram

Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, is the coolest cool teen on Instagram. At the age of 16, she’s simultaneously a high school student and the face of Chanel. And an actress. And she has over a million followers. Now that school’s out for summer, Depp is on the road. This week, she’s been at the [Cannes Film Festival](Cannes%20Film Festival. ) promoting the film “La Danseuse,” alongside friend and co-star Soko. When she’s not parading as the most enviable girl in your grade, she’s a cool teen undercover; sneaking selfies in the bathroom, living of milkshakes and 7/11 Big Gulps, and dealing with prom drama like everyone else. Sort of. Here, a closer look at her Instagram.


It’s tricky being a normal teen though when your dad is Johnny Depp.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


And your mom is Vanessa Paradis.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


And your friends are Stella Maxwell and Soko.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


But Lily-Rose Depp is just another cool teen who has to go to school. “Back on my ‘Can I go to the bathroom’ grind lol,” reads the caption of this mirror pic.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


Other normal activities include: Asking boys to prom.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


Drinking In-and-Out milkshakes.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


And going shopping for school supplies at Target like everyone else…

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


And playing dress up.

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You know you’re special, though, when your school ID can also double as a modeling headshot.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.


And when you chill on couches, that are at Coco Chanel’s house in Paris.

Photo by @lilyrose_depp.