Lisa Yuskavage’s Men

Lisa Yuskavage Dude

While she is best known for her depictions of buxom young women, the artist Lisa Yuskavage has more range than perhaps meets the eye. In casual conversation, she can go from Italian Renaissance techniques for conveying a spiritual presence to on-line devotees of “dudes who look like Jesus.” Her new body of work, on view through June 13 at David Zwirner in Chelsea, encompasses all that and then some. This is the first time Yuskavage has portrayed men in her work, and she does not hold back.


Lisa Yuskavage, “Dude of Sorrows,” 2015. Photo courtesy of David Zwirner.


Lisa Yuskavage, “In the Park,” 2014. Photo courtesy of David Zwirner.


Lisa Yuskavage Hippies, 2013. Photo courtesy of David Zwirner.