Lola Rykiel’s Adventures in Capri

Inside the Parisian it-girl’s summer vacation.


Here I am on the beautiful boat “Etra.” I usually buy swimsuits at Eres but I found this one at American Apparel! I really only wear one-pieces these days.


A funny snapshot from the boat.


This was after dinner at the delicious restaurant Paolino. I am wearing my favorite vintage Saint Laurent dress, my cherry flats from Sonia Rykiel, and my Edie Parker clutch.


Capri is a flat shoe island—perfect for me! You cannot visit the island without having espadrilles custom made at one of the shops in town.


There are at least 500 steps to get down to the beach from our hotel, Punta Tragara.


Beautiful umbrellas on Fontelina beach.


When I told my friend Gigi Burris I was going to Capri, she gave me this hat she made. I never wear hats, unless they are hers! In this photo I’m trying to get a hug from my god brother, Paul Orlowski.


I took this boat out for a day of snorkeling and lunch with my godmother, Marianne Vic-Orlowski, and her sons, Pierre and Paul. Marianna is my mother’s best friend and is like family to me. Pierre Orlowski, only 22, is an art dealer in Paris— definitely one of the youngest art dealers I know!


We passed in front of the Villa Malaparte where my favorite movie, “Le Mepris”, was filmed. The architecture of the villa was so modern for its time.


Arriving at Ruccio, one of the best restaurants of Capri.


The orsino pasta from Ruccio is delicious.


Everyday an ice cream! That’s another rule in Capri. I am carrying my lovely Judith Lieber butterfly purse. No heels but chic purses—another rule! The rest of my outfit is Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.


Flowers on the road.


The best moment of the day: bellini time on the terrace watching the sunset.


Another beautiful view from my terrace.


Our last night in Capri, from left to right, Pierre Orlowski, me, Marianne Vic-Orlowski and Paul Orlowski.