Where in the World Are These Male Models Going?

Thom Browne

Travel was the big theme throughout the Spring 2017 men’s shows in Europe — with models carrying backpacks, flashlights, and water bottles at Prada, the Louis Vuitton man coming out of Africa, and the Loewe boys’ innocent adventure in Ibiza. Fashion being a reflection of the times, the trend has serious roots in the current migrant crisis facing the now-broken European Union. Designers imagined their modern customer as a man without borders; a global citizen ranging from young explorer to luxury jetsetter. Here, we took a more playful approach, imagining where on earth these men could be going for Spring 2017.


The Thom Browne man is headed to Coney Island, where he can steal tourist’s hot dogs in his beak.

Photo by Getty Images.


The Fendi man booked a one-way ticket to Boca Raton.

Photo by Getty Images.


The Lanvin man is on his way to a rock climbing session at Brooklyn Boulders in Park Slope.

Photo by Getty Images.


With colorful flashlights, socks, and sandals, the Prada men are well-equipped to make it to the top of Big Rock Candy Mountain. There’s apparently a party at the top, since the ladies have packed heels, too.

Photos by Getty Images.


The Moncler Gamme Bleu man is smuggling snacks from the Boy Scouts’ dining hall.

Photo by Getty Images.


The Givenchy man is headed to a club in Ibiza — and you bet he’s wearing his sunglasses at night.

Photo by Getty Images.


The Loewe boy inhabits an entirely different Ibiza, however. Perhaps this is what it looks like when the Givenchy man decides he needs to detox.

Courtesy photo.


Gosha Rubchinskiy’s boys are running away from home.

Photo by Yu Fujiwara.


The Louis Vuitton men are headed to Africa to conduct some potentially illicit business…

Photo by Getty Images.


The Acne Studios man is going nowhere. Absolutely nowhere.

Photo by Getty Images.