Mark Seliger: Listen


Photographer Mark Seliger, who shot W’s much-discussed November art issue cover, releases his latest project, Listen, a book of personal photographs documenting his journey as an artist. Here, Seliger takes W through some of his most important works.

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“I think there’s a fragility to this work that may come from my own eagerness to discover something new. “

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“Mortality is there, and also the freedom of experimentation—I believe they go hand in hand. “

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“The work has moments of uncertainty, which is such a very important aspect of growth—you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable.”

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“You don’t really understand where your work may be going but you have to trust yourself, trust in your abilities and also your intuition, and not be afraid of what might emerge. “

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“As I learned to trust myself I found a new momentum—all of a sudden an ease and a kindness to taking pictures.”

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“This book reflects how the world communicates itself to me—emotionally, visually, aurally, physically. “

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“There is a kind of reverberation that comes into play as you are making a photograph—from that sense of presence, you start to compose, and then you find the photograph. “

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“As I became more attentive and acutely aware of all the sensory impressions around me, I found myself caring once again about the simple act of taking pictures. “

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“Approaching in quiet and stillness has reminded me of what I love about photography, and why I do it. “

Photographer: Mark Seliger

“To listen is life-affirming.”