Met Gala 2017: What Comme Des Garçons Looks Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and More Should Wear

Come Monday night, the biggest celebrities in the world will descend upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the annual Costume Institute Gala. While past themes have lent themselves to an open-eded parade of glamorous ballgowns and pretty dresses, this year’s theme, which honors Comme Des Garçons’ Rei Kawakubo is far more focused in its aesthetic: sculptural, over-the-top, and very conceptual. So while many of Hollywood may have a hard time wrapping their minds around what they are going to wear, we’ve compiled a dozen looks from Comme Des Garçons runway shows over the years and matched them with the celebrity who might be most comfortable wearing that particular ensemble. For Selena Gomez, a straight-jacket like sweater—to help her keep her hands to herself, of course. For Dakota Johnson, a cocoon-like concoction that incorporates just one shade of grey (sometimes simple is better). For more of our suggestions, click through.

Katy Perry

What: Fall 2017 Why: In case she actually does want to feel like a plastic bag.

Kim Kardashian

What: Fall 2016 Why: She’s had a particularly stressful year. This dress could double as a massage table mid-dessert course.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

What: Spring 2011 Why: The sisters exclusively pose together, already—this will just make it all the more easy.

Gigi Hadid

What: Fall 2012 Why: Millennial Pink for the ultimate Millennial model.

Justin Bieber

What: Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus 2011 Why: It is about time Bieber reclaimed his Prince of Pop crown.

Lady Gaga

What: Fall 2017 Why: A disco stick, IRL. Also: not that different from her ensemble last year.

The Weeknd

What: Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus Spring Summer 2016 Why: Should he feel self-conscious about cutting off his famous hair.

Gwyneth Paltrow

What: Spring 2017 Why: She famously said the Gala “sucked.” In case she changes her mind, she can sneak in unnoticed.

Selena Gomez

What: Spring 2017 Why: She famously can’t keep her hands to herself. This will help.

Miley Cyrus

What: Fall 2013 Why: It’s practically understated compared to her typical color schemes.

Kris Jenner

What: Spring 2017 Why: Kris Jenner: secretly part-Scottish!

Dakota Johnson

What: Fall 2017 Why: With a shape like this, one shade of grey will suffice.