Notes Worthy

Ingredients I’ve never heard of always get my attention. These three scents have made me stop and take notice.


Pinyon Pine,

This wood, which is native to the American Southwest and Mexico, has a fresh, clean scent. Juniper Ridge blends it with cedar in Caruthers Canyon, one of four new offerings in the Backpacker’s Cologne series.

Caruthers Canyon, $100, juniperridge.com


Kerala Ashok

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Kerala Ashok Garden smells like an ultra-exotic jasmine. The essence of the Indian bloom is captured with a domelike tool that nabs molecules from the live blossom, eliminating the need to cut the flower.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Kerala Ashok Garden, $65, lisahoffmanbeauty.com



“It’s very leathery and musky,” says Kilian Hennessy of the labdanum extract that warms By Kilian Playing With the Devil. The slightly citrusy brew also contains pimento berries, cedar, and blood orange.

By Kilian Playing With the Devil, $245, bykilian.com