For the Smell of it

These products are all part of my arsenal (so they work), but I admit that I love them mostly because of how they smell.


The rind of fruit (aka “zest”) is more natural smelling than straight-on fruity fragrance since there’s a slight raw, borderline bitter, element to it. When I smell this, I smell lemon rind, and even a hint of orange rind, too.


Imagine a bunch of freshly-picked mint. Take it outside and hang it next to your laundry drying in the breeze and you’ve got what this smells like.


Some people might want their hair to smell like apple strudel or watermelon martini, but not me. The avocado is undetectable, but even the lavender in this hair treat is sheer and soothing.


Tea tree oil has such a clean, antiseptic odor that makes its potency (which it definitely has!) tolerable and calming, in my book. Or maybe I just prefer my armpits to smell like natural medicine over baby powder, vanilla frosting or spring bouquet.


This super light lotion has an equally light fragrance that’s so outdoorsy and fresh. When I learned that one of my favorite perfumers, Olivia Giacobetti created its scent, it all made sense.


There’s a touch of coriander and green that makes this smell more like grapefruit sorbet than just straight-up grapefruit. Tasty, without being downright gourmand.


I save this one for days when I need an extra boost of olfactive happiness. It just smells like Summer vacation. Or, more specifically, Tuscany in July, when the jasmine are in bloom.


If you’re not a fan of Vicks VapoRub, move on. But if you have a soft spot for antiseptic smells, as I do, you’ll be finding yourself inhaling deeply every time you wash your face with this medicinally-intoxicating cleanser.