Lola Versus

Director Daryl Wein takes us behind the scenes of his new romantic dramedy. Click here to read the full article.

Photographer: Peter van Agtmael
Photographer: Peter van Agtmael

“This is me sitting with Greta Gerwig, who plays Lola, in the smallest New York apartment in the history of filmmaking. It cannot be more than 500 square feet. After Lola gets dumped by her fiancé, she moves back into this tiny studio across from the projects in the East Village. This is where she puts herself together.”

Photographer: Peter van Agtmael

“Joel Kinnaman—he plays Lola’s fiance, Luke—and Greta in his Chinatown loft, pre-breakup. On this particular morning, it’s her 29th birthday. They wake up together, still ostensibly in love, completely unaware of the series of unfortunate events about to unfold.”