The, Like, Totally Major Rachel Zoe Fashion Awards


She’s famous for dressing celebrities and speaking in hyperbole. Just in time for Oscar season, the Hollywood megastylist judges spring’s award-winning looks. Roll out the red carpet.

Stylist: Alex White

“I cannot even discuss this show. I said to Marc, ‘How could you not have given me a heads-up that it would be my favorite collection ever?’ The Seventies, the big hair, the knits with Lurex—the women looked so sexy. It was so much in one collection, so rich and so exciting.”

Stylist: Alex White

“This season Stefano [Pilati] just did an incredible collection that you wanted to wear and own forever. It was classic and really chic. It had a lot of Yves Saint Laurent himself in it.”

Stylist: Alex White

“Givenchy accessories bring tears to my eyes. It’s ‘lady’ on so many levels, with structure and closures, but then you have this hard-edged black and white and leopard. This is how Givenchy does lady.”

Stylist: Alex White

“It’s supergirly but also really fun. I see someone wearing it with jeans and a T-shirt and a leather jacket. It just punches up an outfit. It’s like a party in a bag.”

Stylist: Alex White

“That show was everything. Sarah Burton had some big shoes to fill, and she took McQueen’s signature techniques and gave them a feminine spin. I would love it so much if one of my clients wore this dress. It’s slightly daring with the short and long, but it’s young and cool and breaking boundaries.”

Stylist: Alex White

“The way Brian Atwood does sexy shoes, Peter Dundas does sexy clothes. This dress is like, Wow! It’s tough, sexy, cool. It’s how that cool girl does red carpet.”

Stylist: Alex White

“Brian is becoming the king of the sexy shoe. He’s been one of my best friends for 15 years and is always thinking about how a woman can look her sexiest but without being too overt. I imagine wearing them with a black pencil dress.”

Stylist: Alex White

“The carved heel, the patchwork, the different textures, the back zip—they’re crazy, but you look and say, ‘I have to have them.’ And then you say, ‘If I had them, would I wear them or stare at them all day?’”

Stylist: Alex White

“Girls should just look this cool all the time. Even if we get tired of seeing it on the runway, a biker jacket always looks great. And the ones Christophe Decarnin does for Balmain are works of art. I want every single one that comes down the runway, even if it does cost $10,000 per sleeve.”

Stylist: Alex White

“A lot of designers showed all white—Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Céline. I’m a big fan of white. I never get sick of it. It brightens everything up. You wear it with red lips and great jewelry.”

Stylist: Alex White

“I don’t think he has ever put anything on the runway that I didn’t want to wear. I am such a huge fan, it’s almost embarrassing.”