Wedding Jewels Fit For A Princess


With the royal wedding just a few days away, the wait to see what Kate Middleton will be wearing down the aisle is almost over. Although the majority of the ladies’ bets are surrounding the dress, jewelry lovers like myself are even more eager to catch a glimpse of the royal baubles. In anticipation of the big day, W asked a few top jewelry houses what pieces they would like to see the future queen donning come Friday.


​“With her natural beauty and poise, Kate Middleton embodies the essence of modern glamour. This Lily Cluster barrette is a fresh take on the traditional tiara, and its delicate, refined design offers a chic alternative for a contemporary royal bride.” -Sandrine Sandrine de Laage, Creative Director and Vice President of Design


“This 19th Century laurel leaf tiara can be worn in the traditional orientation with the leaves rising gently above the head, or it can be worn in a more modern fashion as a headband. Laurel leaves are symbolic of peace, purification, achievement and creativity. ” Greg Kwiat, CEO


“The 19th Century pearl and diamond bracelet with two entwined hearts is a romantic and personal jewel that would be perfect for the occasion. The centerpiece of the bracelet is detachable and can be worn as a pendant or brooch, allowing the princess to always have a piece of her wedding with her. “ Greg Kwiat, CEO


“This tiara is lightweight, youthful and most importantly, romantic. Tiara’s are the hallmark of grace and distinction, worn for centuries by nobility and high society.” —Russell Zelenetz, Co-Founder


“The princess-to-be appreciates understated elegance and will stay true to her timeless style on her wedding day. I can imagine her wearing subtle, yet feminine pearl and blush tone drop earrings that convey the romance of a royal wedding.” — Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Designer of Chopard