Highlights from Sao Paulo Fashion Week


From Gisele’s final stroll down the runway to Iggy Pop’s photography statement, here are the best moments from Sao Paulo Fashion Week’s Spring 2015 season.


The Last Catwalk

After 20 years of modeling, Gisele officially announced she’s quitting the runway. “Of course my last show had to be in Brazil,” she said. To mark the occasion, her family—including aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, little nieces and nephews, and her husband Tom Brady—sat front row at the Colcci fashion show. It was an emotional goodbye for a teary eyed Gisele as she took her final steps down the runway arm in arm with her fellow models, who wore t-shirts printed with Gisele’s face.

Photo by Ze Takahashi/ Agência Fotosite.


Brazilian Beach Babies

Brazilians, the masters of swimwear, have a bathing suit for every occasion. There is the sun-bathing bikini, which covers as little as legally possible; the practical poolside swimsuit; the simple swimsuit for everyday; and the elegant swimsuit for special occasions. Lenny Niemeyer specializes in the latter.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


Alien Vs. Predator

Adriana Degreas delighted her front row fans with sci-fi swimsuit creations that were inspired by images from one of the first deep-sea expeditions. Rihanna, get on the waiting list.

Photo by Sergio Caddah/ Agência Fotosite.


Destination Coachella

Based on this collection, it looks like Salinas, one of Brazil’s trending swimwear labels, has been to Coachella recently.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


A Smash Hit

It was only for a chaotic hot second, but Iggy Pop left his mark on Sao Paulo Fashion Week when he decided to smash the lens of a giant promotional pair of Chilli Bean sunglasses before posing for a picture with models.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


Silk Samurai

Designer Lily Sarti’s collection of silk pieces was inspired by traditional Japanese garments. but looked entirely at home in the Southern Hemisphere.

Photo by Ze Takahashi/ Agência Fotosite.


A Slow High

Architect-turned-designer Paula Raia is regarded as the epitome of Sao Paulo high society and sophistication, which was immediately obvious when visiting her Isay Weinfeld-designed home in the Jardins neighborhood of Sao Paulo, where she presented her latest collection. Entirely off white, the clothes are made from fishing nets, ropes, and natural fabrics. Choosing to show only one collection per year, Raia has become known as a leader of the “Slow Fashion” movement in Brazil.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


Le Beach Smoking

Brazilians have long struggled with how to pull off formal attire in the tropical heat. Reinaldo Lorenço offered a solution in his latest collection with a trimmed down version of le smoking.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


White Magic

For her latest collection, Teca designer Helo Rocha took inspiration from Bahia, the center of Afro-Brazilian culture and the birthplace of Voodoo. Rocha glammed up the long lace gowns of the local Orixas, or deities, stitching in cowrie shells traditionally used for divination.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


The New It Bag

At 76, Costanza Pascolato is in many ways the godmother of Brazilian fashion. Her family immigrated from Italy during World War II and established one of the most renowned textile mills in Brazil, for which Reinaldo Lorenço, another veteran of Brazilian fashion worked before starting his eponymous label. Pascolato, who is a Vogue Brasil columnist, launched her own bag this fashion week and it already has a waiting list.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


Trompe L’oeil

Triya, the edgy Brazilian swimwear label, maintained its rock and roll status for another season with a collection of skin-tight body suits designed to look like you’re wearing nothing but skin-art.

Photo courtesy of the brand.