Group Travel Is In: Cool Girls Take Greece

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor / Instagram

There are many merits to group travel: Splitting the cost of food and lodging, Uber pools, and heck, even Uber sailboats; you’re less likely to get lost; and of course, good company. Models and It girls Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor and Paloma Elsesser along with their friends Crystal Moselle, who directed “The Wolfpack, Briana Andalore, and Richie Shazam, also prove group travel is great for Instagrams galore. See them take Athens, Santorini, Ammoudi, and Páros, Greece, here.

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor / Instagram

Crystal Moselle, Briana Andalore, Madeline Poole, Grace Ladoja, Niki Takesh, Camille Garmendia, and Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor.

Grace Ladoja / Instagram

Paloma Elsesser