Hot Shots

Next up in beauty: olive oil-infused combs, Jo Malone’s dark side and the perfect orange nail.

Photographer: John Lawton

Hair oil is to 2010 what Aqua Net was to the Eighties. Now New York beauty emporium Ricky’s is “baking” Turkish olive oil into its pale green plastic combs. When used on dry hair, each RickyCare No-Frizz Oil Comb deposits a tiny dose of oil onto strands, instantly replacing frizz and static with smoothness and shine. $5.99 each;

Photographer: John Lawton

Lancôme relies on the toning abilities of flax and yeast for its Rénergie Volumetry Lifting and Reshaping Cream, which gives skin a firmer appearance. $88;

Photographer: John Lawton

Everything about a box of Lollia In Love Classic Petal bath-salt sachets feels intimate and handmade, from the 12 tissue-thin cloths filled with finely milled salt to the light fruity-floral fragrance. $28;

Photographer: John Lawton

If it’s possible for a nail polish to be both Day-Glo and sophisticated, then Yves Saint Laurent La Laque No. 142 Ultra Orange fits the bill. Plus it goes perfectly with a tan. $20;

Photographer: John Lawton

Jo Malone’s limited-edition quartet, Cologne Intense, focuses on Middle Eastern–inspired scents: Rose Water & Vanilla, Iris & White Musk, Amber & Patchouli and Oud & Bergamot. The blends are heady but still work when mixed and matched with one another. $125 each;

Photographer: John Lawton

The toxin-sweeping properties of indigenous volcanic ash make the Bionutrient Face Gel Cleanser from Hawaiian skincare company H. Maloha extremely thorough, while minerals from the region’s ocean water and seaweed help prevent irritation and drying aftereffects. $32;

Photographer: John Lawton

The latest—and most affordable—way to plump lashes is Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash. It’s a mascara that also acts as a treatment product, nourishing lashes with wheat protein, provitamin B5 and plant-derived peptides. $7.49; at drugstores.

Photographer: John Lawton

Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Moisture Mist Spray is the most recent entry in Chanel’s 2010 roster of cult beauty products (following trompe l’oeil temporary tattoos and a little black eyelash curler). The summery body mist does double duty as a light moisturizer and a faintly floral perfume. $45; at Nordstrom, July 16 through August 1.

Photographer: John Lawton

Any woman who has spent the night with a headful of gloppy deep conditioner and a tea towel draped over her pillow will appreciate Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue, a paraben-free, amino acid–packed bedtime treatment that absorbs quickly into dry locks—no laundry service required. $35;

Photographer: John Lawton

Skin inflammation is like chocolate: A little is good (inflammation is part of the wound-healing process), but a lot can spell trouble. La Roche-Posay Redermic[+] Intensive Daily Anti-Wrinkle Firming Fill-In Care works well for sensitive skin, which often gets overly inflamed by such irritants as humidity, pollution and the sun. $48; at CVS.

Photographer: John Lawton

Most hand sanitizers remove germs effectively, but they do nothing to stop them from coming back. Clean Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream promises four hours of germ-free protection, thanks to a thin antimicrobial layer. $10; at Sephora.