Photos: An Eye for Beauty

Beauford Delaney

The skincare legend Terry de Gunzburg has built an empire based on her unerring taste—which is in ample evidence in her Manhattan apartment.

Photographer: François Halard

Terry de Gunzburg in her dining room, with Thomas Houseago’s Portrait Series I, 2010.

Photographer: François Halard

Pablo Picasso’s Buste de Femme, 1955, hangs above Alexandre Noll’s 1925 four-panel screen; on the shelves at left, ceramics by Picasso; on the shelves at right, ceramics by Tatsuzo Shimaoka; the armchairs are midcentury Paul Dupré-Lafon.

Photographer: François Halard

The dining room, with Francis Bacon’s Studies From the Human Body: A Triptych, 1979; Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s 1930s dining chairs; Ivan de Silva Bruhns’s 1930s carpet; Jean Dunand’s 1920s sideboard.

Photographer: François Halard

Beauford Delaney’s Untitled, above André Groult’s 1920s cabinet, with Picasso’s Footballeur, 1965, inside; Klara Kristalova’s Red Head II, 2006 (on floor); Anselm Reyle’s Untitled, 2006 (right wall).

Photographer: François Halard

Jean-Paul Riopelle’s Derive, 1952, sits with Salvador Dalí’s Buste de Femme, 1977.

Photographer: François Halard

Jean Dunand designed the gold and lacquered doors, leading from the living room to the dining room, in Paris in 1929.

Photographer: François Halard

Two Picasso circa-1956 ceramic plates flank Max Ernst’s Kopf, 1948.


On far-left wall is Beauford Delaney’s Still Life With Idol, circa 1945; Georg Baselitz’s Dresdner Frauen: Die Kranke aus Radebeul, 2000, is in far-left corner; Alexander Calder’s Untitled Mobile, 1963 hangs; Serge Poliakoff’s Composition, Blue, Red, and Grey, 1955, sits above the mantel; Damien Hirst’s Untitled is on the near- right wall; Klara Kristalova’s Days and Nights, 2007, and Cryboy, 2007, are on tables (right and center).