Notes from Tokyo Fashion Week

All the highlights from the runways to the streets

Tokyo style

A look from Lamarck, the first runway show I saw in Tokyo, where the designer Shinsuke Morishita presented lightweight spring knits in metallic tones and frothy pastels.


As everyone knows, true Tokyo style is everywhere on the city streets. Here are some friendly school girls checking out the eclectic shops on in Harajuku.


Christian Dada showed a dark, street-ready collection for men and women, but the real hit of the show was the surprise closing act: KISS walked the runway in full costume—tongues and all.


A view from the top of Hikarie Hall, a massive, modern tower full of shops, restaurants, and offices—and the epicenter of Tokyo Fashion Week. Here you can see the bustling and colorful streets of Shibuya below.


Seventies to the core, the designer Hidenori Kumakiri showed his collection Beautiful People on young, carefree models, walking hand in hand to a Rolling Stones soundtrack.


At Nozomi Ishiguro I was happy to find a plush bear sitting in my seat—even if his head was creepily detached. The designer’s message, which was written in an attached note, was about taking control of your life and not being controlled by others.


A look from Nozomi’s Ishiguro’s Haute Couture collection, featuring a ruffled, flower-like dress and dramatic makeup.


For Tambourine, Ishiguro’s younger collection, the designer presented a more street style-inspired looks including an oversized cartoon sportswear T-shirt and sneakers.


At the menswear show 99%IS, punk elements could be found in black leather motorcycle jackets, kilts, and black-and-white stripes.


I took a peaceful trip to the Meiji shrine, which is located in a lush forest in the middle of the city. Along the gravel footpath is a display of vibrant empty sake barrels.


Before entering the shrine you must follow a rinsing ritual. Here are my guides Inout and Florent taking part in the tradition.


Here I am in the main yard of the shrine taking in the beautiful Shinito architecture.


My favorite look at Atshushi Nakashima in vibrant blue silk.


Jei Kim’s Fleamadonna collection was pop to the core with bubblegum pink separates.


I loved the quirky accessories at Felamadonna like sweet floral veils, beanie hats and sparkle earrings.


The Chicago thrift store in Shimokitazawa is a trove of vintage finds including flannel shirts in every design imaginable, Fair Isle sweaters, denim overalls, and beautiful kimonos.


Here is my wonderful guide Inout checking out the silk bomber jackets. These reminded me of the Prada resort collection.


The Jenny Fax show was the ultimate Tokyo fashion week experience. Set in an outdoor skate park, designer Sheh Jen-Fang’s collection was a mix of dramatic looks with elements ranging from Cabbage Patch Kid motifs and frilly dresses to grunge denim and these oversized black bow wings.