Look to the Youth: A New Magazine Celebrates What it Means to be Young and Creative in 2017

Photo by Jarol Rodriguez

Walter Harvin, an 18-years-old from Manhattan, recently founded a new publication called Uncommon Magazine—a name that speaks for itself, as he hopes to redefine what it means to be young and creative in 2017. “Youth culture today is a corrupted market because kids feel like they need 10,000 plus followers on social media for their work to be accepted and appreciated,” he said. “I’m not just looking for talented artists with social status, like most magazines. I’m looking at all kids around the city who are really passionate about what they produce.” Such peers and collaborators include Mallory Merk, a stunning red-headed model and singer, (who happens to have a sizable social media following), and Gray Sorrenti, the daughter of famed fashion photographer, Mario Sorrenti, but other names include the emerging model Tatiana Varchola and Harvin’s co-founder, Theo Telonis. The magazine’s first issue officially drops in early February, but here’s a sneak peek of what to expect.

Walter Harvin and Mallory Merk
Photo by Jarol Rodriguez
Tasmin Meyer and Luca Leung
Photo by Jarol Rodriguez
Alpha Diallo, Joshua Miner, and Theo Telonis
Photo by Jarol Rodriguez
Tatiana Varchola
Photo by Chelsea Lehrer
Luca Leung
Photo by Jarol Rodriguez
Mila Ruby
Photo by Jarol Rodriguez
Theo Telonis
Photo by Jarol Rodriguez
Mallory Merk and Wyatt Winfrey
Photo by Jarol Rodriguez
Jackson Smith
Photo by Gray Sorrenti
Photo by Gray Sorrenti