13 Up-and-Coming Jewelry Designers to Look Out For

Even in the face of an economic downturn, it feels like new jewelry designers are popping up constantly, with fresh brands and venture concepts. The demi-fine and fashion jewelry markets have steadily expanded—and as a result, there’s a new crowd of designers launching their first collections. But most importantly, they’re playing by their own rules, with groundbreaking designs, brand continuity, and approaches to bringing jewelry to market. Whether they’re following in the footsteps of a family legacy or pursuing a new dream, these designers have a unique story to tell—and the collections speak for themselves. Meet just a few of our favorites, below.

Courtesy of Sherman Field.

Danielle Sherman of Sherman Field founded her company, which was originally founded by Sherman’s grandparents as a clothing brand in London in 1967, in Los Angeles, after spending years in the fashion industry working for Alexander Wang, Edun—and cofounding The Row. Her collection includes heirloom pieces like chain necklaces and bracelets, huggies, studs and classic, everyday rings made from Sherman Field’s signature 18-karat yellow gold. She sells the pieces alongside a vintage collection that meshes with her timeless designs.

Courtest of Sapir Bachar.

Sapir Bachar founded her brand in 2019 after working for Proenza Schouler and Calvin Klein as a textile designer. Her inspiration stems from draped fabrics and is reflected in her artfully crafted jewelry that combines unique links, loops of metals and interesting stones.

Courtesy of Charlie Dolly.

Model-turned-jewelry-designer Rebecca Romijn envisioned a line of diamond jewelry meant to be lived in, layered and worn for any occasion. So she launched her line, named after her twin daughters, earlier this year. Her delicate jewelry features floating diamonds using a technique that uses a laser to pierce the diamond and give it a floating effect.

Courtest of Milamore.

Designed in New York and made in Japan, each of jewelry designer George Root’s Milamore pieces are inspired by an experience and tell a story. George’s most recent collection, Kintsugi, is based on the Japanese restoration method of gluing ceramics back together after they have shattered, making something beautiful out of destruction.

Courtesy of De Cosmi.

De Cosmi is a study of form, light, movement and color, according to founder Catherine Servel. Servel is a New York-based photographer, director, and artist, and each of her pieces is made by hand in her atelier. They feature natural stones, pearls, and shells alongside unexpected materials like string or rope.

Courtest of Anomy.

Greek designer Katerina Marmagioli is inspired by her world travels and experiences living in Russia, the Middle East, and the Indian Peninsula. She travels the world, handpicking the stones and pearls used in her designs along the way.

Courtesy of Kendra Pariseault.

Kendra Pariseault explores the idea of sound being a memory-marker of important life events in her first collection. Pieces include hoop earrings inspired by sound waves and a pink sapphire ring in the shape of a wavelength. She also creates custom sound wave bracelets using a client’s personal sound byte or a specific word or phrase. Her background in the fashion and jewelry industries—prior to starting her own brand, she worked at Calvin Klein and David Yurman—is apparent with her complex designs and unique jewelry.

Courtesy of Limnia.

Originally from The Philippines, Limnia founder Annette Lasala Spillane worked in finance before starting her career as a jewelry designer. The possibilities are endless with her customizable fine jewelry line. Based around the idea of being transformable, earrings turn into rings and necklaces become anklets—evolving, in Spillane’s eyes, as life does.

Courtesy of Prasi.

Two friends, Helena Sicupira and Mariana Prates, founded their fine jewelry line Prasi in 2019. Their collection, which is inspired by Brazilian modern design, ranges from gemstone signet rings to mixed gold chain necklaces. Using classic goldsmithing techniques, they create heirlooms with a modern feel.

Courtesy of Leda Madera.

Giulia Tordini’s jewelry line, named after her grandmother, is a reflection of her travels, background in fashion, and experience as an art director. The line includes sculptural mixed-metal cuffs, opulent gold chokers and drop earrings that feel futuristic, and also somehow simultaneously timeless.

Courtesy of Pacharee.

Switzerland-based designer Pacharee-Sophie Rogers grew up in Thailand—her pieces, therefore, incorporate raw stones and Baroque pearls that recall the shapes and colors she saw as a child. Her artful collections range from gemstone cluster rings to gold and pearl hoops.

Courtesy of Demarson.

Marcela Ponce and Jason Crantz came together to form Demarson after years of working in the fashion industry. The self-branded accessible luxury line features versatile pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways—rings double as earrings and earrings can be worn in a few different manners are just the start, conceptually-speaking, for these talented designers.

Courtesy of Annika Inez.

Founded in 2019 and based in New York, Annika Inez uses ethically sourced 14-karat gold and silver with hand-blown glass to create modern and unique pieces of all kinds and materials, including glass bangles and ear cuffs, or sculptural metal earrings.