Time Travel: 1970s


From a topless JFK Jr. to a bottomless Kate Moss, Christopher Bagley takes us on a guided tour through four decades of W magazine.


In its debut issue (left), W visits the homes of Gloria Guinness (barefoot and wearing a caftan) and Andy Warhol (who reveals that his current housemates include his mother and a drag queen).


1972 | MAY (above) Yves Saint Laurent shows off his fall/winter collection in the streets of Paris.

1972 | AUGUST In a feature on the Hamptons summer scene, longtime regulars say the place is being ruined by hordes of newcomers and wannabes.


Jackie O treats 12-year-old John-John to lunch at Serendipity on New York’s Upper East Side.


A report from Saint-Tropez on what’s hot for summer, including crocheted bikinis, long skirts, and floppy flower-brim hats.


While shooting Chinatown on location in Los Angeles, director Roman Polanski has high praise for Faye Dunaway’s acting skills but admits that “off the stage, I find her impossible.”


Barbra Streisand and hairdresser Jon Peters, interviewed at their love nest in Los Angeles, explain why Peters doesn’t style Streisand’s hair. “She wants me to back-comb it,” he says. “I won’t back-comb.”


On the cover: The Skimp, a new short proportion from Halston, which the designer says will work “only on those up to 30 years old with great legs.”


Nancy Kissinger poses for W’s cover while her Labrador puppy, Tyler, yawns beside her.


As a scandal erupts over Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers, newly excerpted in Esquire, the author defends the roman à clef, calling it “absolutely true.”


1976 | OCTOBER (left) Yves Saint Laurent gives W the first look at Dar Es Saada, his new home in the medina of Marrakech, Morocco.

1976 | AUGUST Jetsetters offer their reviews of the brand-new Concorde. “I think she’s the most marvelous plane,” opines the Duchess of Argyll.

1977 | JANUARY A cover story explores the winter scene in Saint Moritz, a place, says W, “that separates the rich from the richer.”

1978 | MARCH W goes skiing with Valentino and his gang in Gstaad. “It’s much more relaxed here than in Saint Moritz,” says Giancarlo Giammetti. “Fashion doesn’t exist.”


W’s notorious invention the In/Out list makes one of its first appearances. In: Lady Rothermere, windsurfing, charmeuse. Out: Bianca Jagger, zucchini nut bread, bubble baths.


1978 | MARCH “I am nothing but a streetwalker,” says 45-year-old Karl Lagerfeld from his home in Paris. “Streetwalking is the way things are done in modern life. One must always push in personal appearances, social promotion.”

1978 | DECEMBER (left) Halston throws a birthday party for Steve Rubell at Studio 54, with a 76-piece marching band.


An insider’s look at Martha’s Vineyard, with summer vacationers Lillian Hellman Mia Farrow, William Styron, and Carly Simon.


W rates the outfits at the Met Costume Institute’s eighth annual benefit dinner. Jacqueline de Ribes, in Dior, gets four stars, and Ali MacGraw , wearing a “period piece,” gets the dreaded label “FV”: fashion victim.