On the Road

Director Walter Salles takes us on a trip behind the scenes of his Kerouac adaptation. Click here to read the article.

Photographer: Gregory Smith
Photographer: Gregory Smith

“Garrett Hedlund (who plays Dean Moriarty), Kristen Stewart (Marylou), and Sam Riley (Sal Paradise) inside Dean’s Hudson, which is practically a character in the film. Garrett actually bought his down Hudson before shooting started. He could literally drive it with no hands, he was so at one with that car. There were times when he was going 100 miles an hour while acting—and, apparently, not looking at the road. But he always kept control.”

Photographer: Gregory Smith

“This is the first day of filming for Kirsten Dunst (who plays Dean’s wife, Camille). Camille’s in love with Dean, but seeing her dance here in a Denver bar with Sal (played by Sam Riley) makes me feel like they could have been a real couple as well.”

Photographer: Gregory Smith

“Sam Riley and the crew on location in some cotton fields in Arizona. Only a gentleman like Sam would be smiling when it’s 120 degrees outside.”

Photographer: Gregory Smith

“Me, with Garrett in the background. We’d driven all the way from the East Coast to the Californian dester. We were at the end of our long journey; by then I’d lost about 20 pounds.”