The 6 Zodiac Signs That Will See Cleansing and Closure This Full Moon

With the full moon taking place in Capricorn on June 21, it’s a perfect time to set boundaries in your relationships.

by Cole Prots

Collage by Ashley Peña

Full moons are among my favorite lunar phases. I have always experienced catharsis and clarity when the moon shines its wisdom upon us. Full moons provide the context necessary to let go of what has happened in the past and move forward to what awaits us around the corner. The typical themes of cleansing, release, and closure are always present, but this full moon allows us to re-introduce any structure we may have lost recently.

Full moons are part of a six-month cycle that aligns with the corresponding new moon of the same sign. With the full moon in Capricorn happening on June 21, we have to look back six months to what was stirring in our world and see how we interacted with those influences. If you manifested anything specific or put forth intentions, this is an excellent time to step back and reflect on what those were. If you could start creating a stable foundation, now is a great time to refine it. If you notice that you are still on shaky ground, focus on what is blocking you from stabilizing. If you realize you are pushing upstream without a paddle, you may know you need to pursue a different path.

The full moon happens on the heels of the summer solstice, when days become shorter and the nights get longer—which might seem less exciting on the surface, but it is part of the natural progression of life. The alignment of the summer solstice and full moon presents an exciting opportunity to look at where we started this year, where we are now, and where we can go before we come to the close of another cycle around the sun. Go easy on yourself if you are not where you thought you would be by this time. Use that as the baseline of where else you need to go for the rest of this year. Remember, full moons are not about adding more to your life—that is the new moon’s job. Full moons bring clarity to help you clear things off your plate and ensure you stay on track.

The full moon in Capricorn can be a challenging transition, because the moon doesn’t harmonize well in Capricorn. Governed by Saturn, Capricorn approaches emotions more clinically and rationally. You may find yourself evaluating your recent work critically as the lord of karma, and achievement influences the energy of this moon. It’s essential, under any Capricorn influence, to assess where you could improve, but don’t be too hard on yourself—make sure to balance out any self-criticism with self-affirmation that celebrates your successes.

A Capricorn full moon sits opposite a Cancer sun. Where Capricorn teaches us how to work and use the world around us, Cancer teaches us how to emote and nurture through the human experience. Because of this, we’ll be able to sit and feel the world around us when the day is done. Under any Capricorn influence, it can be easy to get lost in what am I achieving? and forget to consider what am I working for? What, ultimately, are your goals? What is the intention behind all of your efforts? When the work and the intentions synchronize, any pressure to put forth unnecessary action dissipates.

Ultimately, this full moon wants us to continue putting in the work, but make sure that we aren’t working in a way that disconnects us from our central needs. For the most accurate horoscope, make sure to read your rising sign.


The big leagues are calling; now is the time to level up your career. You should start to have more profound revelations about work around the full moon. You may realize a new goal, or even fall off track with a goal that’s still very much top of mind. During the full moon, consider what distractions you must release to keep you on your path. Reset your perspective to ensure you keep your eye on the prize, and nothing takes you away from that. With your ruling planet, Mars, in Taurus at the time of the full moon, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan before diving headfirst into the next iteration of your attack. Slow and steady can help you pick up speed in this race.


Your one-track mind might experience a wake-up call during this full moon. As the fixed earth sign, stubbornness is your middle name, but has this given you a bit too much tunnel vision? The Capricorn full moon allows you to look at the world beyond your peripheral vision to see what still needs to be experienced. Broadening your horizons will be important at this moment—it’ll ensure you are learning all that’s necessary to accomplish what you seek. Think of it this way: if you want to add more flair to your life, will you approach life like a wallflower, waiting comfortably in the corner? No! You will step out onto the dance floor and do something that helps you determine what sort of flair you genuinely desire.


The twins will learn about intimacy during this full moon. You often get labeled as two-faced by your counterparts, and though that may be a bit harsh, there is some truth to your multifaceted persona. You know how to switch on and bring out any dynamic versions of yourself to help make others feel comfortable. The full moon, however, illuminates your intention for genuine connection. A better understanding of how you have been holding space for your most profound relationships will be revealed during this time. The Capricorn influence will help hold you accountable to show a less surface-level version of yourself, allowing you to engage in deeper conversations and reveal the realest version of yourself in any situation.


The season of love is starting to spring into action for you, Cancer. With relationships at the forefront of this full moon, you can expect to understand better where you currently stand with the people in your life. The full moon might reveal ways you need to be more direct and set up more explicit boundaries with those in your life. You might even realize where you have been too cavalier with your approach to scheduling and making time for others. The Saturnian influence on this full moon requires accountability from all parties. We can all be the best friends in the world, but we also need to be aware of our own experiences. Use this full moon to assess how you need to show up better for your relationships—and ensure they are showing up for you.


Are you familiar with the famous Lady Gaga quote, “bus, club, ‘nother club, plane, no sleep…”? This is a very Leo quote, in my opinion, and it can be easy for the bright and the boisterous to go, go, go when the vibes are right. Recently, those vibes have been perfectly primed for socializing and partying. But here comes the full moon to teach a lesson in moderation. You might notice that burnout is starting to creep in around this full moon, reminding you of the importance of a routine for healthy living. Have you been keeping up with a healthy diet? Getting enough sleep and dedicating time to decompressing? Are you still on track to finish those personal projects? No, you don’t need to micromanage every minute of your day—but use this full moon to step back and see where you can add some support beams to your life to make sure you can continue to play hard, knowing you have set aside time to make sure you aren’t only playing.


Creativity comes in waves. With this, you might have been feeling quiet and down over the past few months while dealing with tensions of understanding who you are now and how to express that. The full moon brings forth the potential for you to remember what inspires and reignites that passion. You might have to put some effort into finding it. Many believe that creativity and passion are like muscles that you have to train to work at their best. What sort of activities allow you to be creative? Do you need to spend time journaling or drawing? It may help you find inspiration by seeing other people’s art. Adding a bit of structure to the creative process might be just what you need to reignite something in you that keeps the fire burning.


How have things been at the homestead lately? As you have been shedding a skin that no longer fits your mold, have you been struggling with how you let yourself find comfort and connection with your family? Consider this full moon as an opportunity to put the focus on the foundational areas of your life. Your needs, your security blankets, and your support system are the focal points right now. How do you need to put more effort into creating harmonious connections at home right now? You don’t necessarily need to heal all your family trauma during this full moon—but you could find yourself understanding more of the structures that hold your family in specific patterns. Use this full moon as an opportunity to evaluate what needs to be addressed in your life to bring more stability.


This full moon brings several amazing revelations. With your mind stimulated, consider engaging in healthy debate, reading a good book, or other activities that let you share your experience while learning from others. You might be dealing with tension in your community and daily life that reveals holes in your planning and scheduling. At times, you might feel like you are being pulled in many directions, but lead with the lessons of Capricorn. How can you work from the foundation and move your way up? The Capricorn full moon reminds you that, though your superpower is to dive in 100 percent and give everything to whatever challenge you face, you must ensure that your pacing and planning effectively set you up for long-term success.


The Capricorn full moon is here to put a lock on any frivolous behaviors with your finances. I don’t blame you; as a Sagittarius, you are curious about new and exciting things. This full moon has the potential to bring finances in, but make sure the money that goes out has a clear intention and destination. Are you spending on things that provide immediate satisfaction? Or are you looking toward investing, for a delayed but more impactful satisfaction? The influence of Capricorn over this full moon makes you prefer to pursue the latter. With this full moon, you might also notice your self-worth being questioned. This is not to say you will start feeling down about yourself, but you will potentially question how you view yourself—and better accept the truth about who you are and what you need to do to honor that person.


You are getting an accurate midyear check-in, Capricorn. With the full moon in your sign, all eyes are, symbolically speaking, on you. This transit might feel heavy, as the Capricorn influence prefers you keep your head down and at work instead of reflecting on your true nature. But that kind of reflection lets you do the job more efficiently. You will be challenged to look at yourself and how you can blend your needs and wants with the external forces around you. This full moon is about ensuring that you are not only achieving your goals set earlier this year, but staying connected to who you are through it all. Make sure your actions are done with yourself in mind and not through the lens of proving anything to anyone else.


You might find that this full moon will bring things to the surface you have been trying to avoid. I understand that—diving into more complex emotional matters can be difficult for you. After all, you’re the water bearer—carrying everyone else’s emotions before handling your own. The lesson, however, comes from realizing that avoidance has its consequences as well. During the full moon, consider what has been nagging at you over the past few months. What keeps coming up in your mind and material world that needs to be addressed so you can finally move forward without anxiety holding you back? You might notice that you are becoming more aware of what parts of your life trigger specific responses and how to hold yourself accountable for finding comfort in looking back—to move forward effectively.


You might find a lot of closure through this full moon, Pisces. There may be something you have been working on since the beginning of this year that is coming to a close. You may also notice that you are starting to gravitate away from one social circle as you put effort and alignment into another. This is a time to assess where you are heading on this life journey and who is walking along that path. You might realize that the best path forward requires you to step away from certain parts of your world that don’t align with the destination. This Full Moon allows you to be more critical of what you allow to exist in your orbit. Keep an eye on the prize right now, and don’t feel bad about letting go of something or someone who might be getting in your way of that.