With apologies to Facebook, Beauty Director
Jane Larkworthy and Beauty and Health Editor
Jamie Rosen offer their own version of "25 Random Things."

1) In our opinion, the best costly beauty investment a woman can make is laser hair removal.

2) The second best beauty investment? Eyelash extensions. (They're insanely glamorous, and you'll look polished even with no makeup on.)

3) We think that oxygen facials are a massive rip-off.


5) Jane's current favorite fragrances are Donna Karan Gold; Ralph Lauren Safari; Hampton Sun Privet Bloom.

6) Jamie's current faves: Santa Maria Novella Melograno Acqua di Colonia; Frederic Malle Le Parfum de Therese

7) Discontinued fragrances we still miss: Annick Goutal Vetiver; Helmut Lang Cuiron Pour Homme

8) Our favorite beauty bargain is Pantene conditioner.

9) What we do during downtime: Try out the latest nailcolors.

10) The polish Jane's wearing now: Sag Harbor by Essie (a pale blue gray)


12) What we do to get through crazy days: Fire up our favorite candle, called Light (from the candle company Trees), at least until the security guy comes by and makes us blow it out.

13) Jamie recently lost 40.5 inches over a period of 7 weeks. (Stay tuned for the full story in the May issue.)

14) Jane is ambidextrous and can paint her nails, apply eye makeup and blow-dry her hair equally well with either hand.


16) We've never understood the appeal of French manicures. And don't get us started on French pedicures.

17) We will always love most anything from Nars.

18) Jane swears by Retin-A.

19) Jamie is addicted to facial masks. (Current favorite: 3Lab's Perfect Mask, a paper sheet soaked with gel that firms and hydrates.)

20) We find the idea of lip fillers, eyelifts and silicone injections totally frightening.

21) However, Jane does admit to being intrigued by the promise of fat injections.

22) And Jamie won't rule out the possibility of Botox in her forehead ("in the far, far future").

[#image: /photos/58538f4ec7188f9b26c92ef6]||||||23) We would not be surprised if the wedge cut (aka the bowl cut, a la Dorothy Hamill) actually made a comeback. (See recent Philip Lim show.)

  1. Our dream beauty story: "Bad Facelifts and the Doctors Who Did Them."

Photos: Pat McGrath: Kyle Ericksen; 3.1 Philip Lim: Robert Mitra.