6-Second Supermodels

The super sexy cast of “Privacy Settings” opens up in short videos.

Irina Shayk

In W’s August issue, ten supermodels revealed a side that you won’t see on social media. Here, they share their biggest crushes, best selfie tips, and more.

Irina Shayk on how to look good in pictures: “You have to love your body, you know? I don’t think now it’s about [being] too skinny. You have to just wake up one day, look at yourself in the mirror and say, I love how I am. I’m gonna go to the gym to make myself better, but you just have to be confident with your body. And this is the secret for [the] best selfies and [the] best pictures on set.”

Emily Ratajkowski on her best beauty secrets: “Moisturizing is obviously the most important. When you’re traveling a lot, it’s good to keep putting that stuff on because the air dries you up on the airplane.”

Lily Aldridge on her early-morning Instagram embargo: “I usually check [my phone] right before bed, and I try not to check it in the morning right when I wake up because I want to disconnect a little bit, so I check it after I have my breakfast and my tea.”

Doutzen Kroes on what she wears to bed: “Nothing. I actually don’t like to wear anything in bed. I think it’s nice with the covers, and I like it to be cold outside. I don’t like to have a warm room when I sleep. So yeah, not so much.”

Joan Smalls on her biggest celebrity crushes: “Since you didn’t say it had to be male, I’m gonna say someone female. I love Angelina Jolie. I think her lips are so sensual. Rihanna, you know, that’s like sex on heels.”

Chrissy Teigen on the craziest thing she’s ever done for a shoot: “Oh, I had sand fleas once. They’re like the bed bugs of the water. And those bites, it was six months before they went away.”