For the Haas Brothers, Culture Revolves Around “Westworld”, Howard Stern and James Turrell

The L.A.-based design world stars, have a brand new exhibition in New York and an Art Basel project on the horizon. Nikolai Haas, one half of the duo, shares what’s fueling his creativity right now, from what he can’t stop watching to the Broadway show that completely surprised him.

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Twin brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas reunited back in the studio in 2010 and in the years that followed, they have collaborated with some of fashion, film, and music’s biggest names (Versace and Peter Marino, among them), and captured the design world’s attention with mixed material work.

This week, The Haas Brothers unveiled their latest exhibition, titled King Dong Come, at R & Company in New York City. The show, which runs through January 5th, is an immersive experience highlighting their fantastical world with the plants, animals and creatures they’ve dreamed up. As for the exhibition’s title—King Dong Come—it’s a tribute to the largest beast they’ve ever created, which is on display at the center of the exhibition standing at nine feet tall.

These two have been busy—next month, they take over the Edition Hotel in Miami for one night during Art Basel, where they’ll transform the basement of the Ian Schrager venue into an all-pink, all Haas world.

Nikolai Haas, one half of this art world dream team, shared what’s on his culture diet right now.

Nikolai Haas

Photo: Samuel Frost

First thing you read in the morning: I usually have a good amount of emails stacked up in the mornings. Honestly, the first thing I read is usually a lot of questions about production or upcoming shows.

Books on your bedside table right now: It’s embarrassing, but I haven’t read a book in a long time. I’m going to Morocco in a couple days with my wife. She bought me a book called The Process to encourage me to read while we are there.

The TV show that’s been keeping you up at night: Westworld is the shit. Also, Halt and Catch Fire is a majorly underrated and genius show.

Last piece of art you bought, or ogled: A really awesome photograph of a coyote, woman, broken down car and an eye, by Alex Prager.

Favorite time and place to make art: I love late mornings in my studio… it takes a moment to get rolling, but by late morning I feel loose and flowing.

Last movie you saw in theaters: Before the Flood, I think everyone on earth should watch it. It’s super important.

Last thing you saw at the theater: My brother and I took a bunch of our friends from South Africa to see “The Color Purple” musical on Broadway. I honestly expected to be a little bored, but it completely captivated me. I highly recommend seeing it. It was awesome.

Last museum exhibition you loved: Turrell at the LACMA. I love the LACMA and I love Turrell.. just awesome work. The perceptual cell was insane.

Release you’re most eagerly anticipating: Cameron Avery’s first record.

Last song you had on repeat: “If I Stay Too Long” by The Creation.

How you get your news: I’m a huge Howard Stern fan. So, I get most of my news from the ‘News with Robin.’

Favorite accounts to follow: @thejohnnysmith is so, so funny!

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