Cocktails at Sunset

ACRIA’s summer benefit was as carefree as could be.

ACRIA's Cocktails at Sunset Presented by DAVID YURMAN

What: ACRIA’s annual Cocktails at Sunset benefit, presented by David Yurman

When: Saturday, July 19th

Where: The Beechnut Hill Farm estate, a “gentleman’s farm” (read: no livestock or actual farming happening), in Watermill

Who: Hosts Ross Bleckner, Jeffrey Colle, Deborah Hughes, David Kleinberg and Stewart Shining drew an art-loving crowd who meandered through a silent auction of works by everyone from Terence Koh to Robert Wilson.

Why: Yes, alfresco summer cocktails are about as carefree an affair as you’ll find, but if you can do some good for AIDS and HIV research while sipping your vodka-soda, why wouldn’t you?

Photos: Cocktails at Sunset

David and Sybil Yurman. Photograph by

Stewart Shining and Casey Fremont Crowe. Photograph by

ACRIA’s Cocktails at Sunset. Photograph by

Ross Bleckner and Benjamin Bashein. Photograph by

Polina Proshkina. Photograph by

Erin Beatty and Lex Sidon. Photograph by

Bettina Prentice. Photograph by

Klaus Curtis, Jill Stuart, and Billy Sullivan. Photograph by