Adam Rippon and Sally Field’s Son Sam Greisman Actually Met Up IRL

Twitter: @SAMGREIS

Some people watch the Olympics for the sports, but if you’re like us, you watch for the drama and the romance. And no story this year captured hearts quite like two-time Oscar-winner Sally Field’s son Sam Greisman’s crush on America’s gay sweetheart, figure skater Adam Rippon. And now they’ve finally met IRL. In case you missed it (because you were, what, focusing on the athletics?), less than a month ago Field and Greisman were texting, apparently, about Rippon. Field encouraged her son to go for it, noting, “Sam... he’s insanely pretty. Find a way..” Greisman posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter and everyone went nuts for it, of course.

It soon was brought to the attention of Rippon himself, who surely loves Sally Field, because everyone loves Sally Field. His reaction? “Sally! So brazen.” And when Joy Behr pressed him on it, asking, “What happened? Did you go out with him?” Rippon just deflected: “Well, I’ve been so busy after the Olympics.”

And now Rippon and Griesman have finally met in person. The two men, both in their early 30s, were at a Human Rights Campaign gala in Los Angeles last night. Did they attend as dates or simply meet up at the event? A post from Greisman is scarce on details, simply saying, “Thanks, mom.” In the picture, Greisman has an arm around Rippon (there’s a guy who looks a lot like Sean Spicer in the background, but that surely is not Spicey, right?). Anyway, back to Sam and Adam. This is very, very cute.

The tweet has already been liked a cool 12,000 times. Now if only my mom could conjure me a boyfriend…maybe Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer, certified hottie of the Winter Games? No? He has a girlfriend?

Also, Greisman might be low-key hysterical?

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