A Miguel Adrover design for Hessnatur.

Just a few years ago, Miguel Adrover was being hailed as either fashion’s wunderkind or its enfant terrible, depending on whom you asked. The boundary-pushing Spaniard made clothes from Quentin Crisp’s old mattress, reworked a Louis Vuitton bag into a miniskirt and staged a series of bizarre runway shows—one of which featured a live sheep that fell off the catwalk. But buzz does not a business make, and in 2004, unable to secure financing, Adrover shut down his label and opened a bar in his native Majorca. Many fashion insiders, however, predicted that they hadn’t seen the last of the designer, and they were proven correct in April, when Adrover reappeared as creative director of Hessnatur, a green-focused, German mail-order label. It’s hardly a high-profile design house, but Adrover is embracing his new role: “I go to bed at night feeling like I’ve done something good,” he told Women’s Wear Daily, W’s sister publication. Perhaps he’s looking to expunge bad karma from the tumbling sheep incident.

Photo: Pete Ruppert