A Los Angeles-based design firm specializing in innovative sportswear, Aether Apparel has launched their pop up store on wheels: Aetherstream.


Aether’s co-founders, ex-movie producers Jonah Smith and Palmer West (Requiem for a Dream, A Scanner Darkly), had wanted a retail space and brand experience that could be beautifully designed, yet transitory enough to allow them to reach clients everywhere from the urban enclaves of Manhattan and Los Angeles, to the snowy slopes of Aspen and beyond. The pair realized that vision in the form of a rehabbed 34’ PanAmerica Airstream.

To bring the concept to life, they partnered with Thierry Gaugain, a French industrial designer whom Philippe Starck has called his “right eye.” Thierry had designed scores of high-concept yachts, motorcycles, and interior spaces in his fifteen-plus years with Starck, and in turn wasted no time devising concepts that would translate the Aether vision into a reality.


After an extensive multi-month overhaul, the PanAmerica was reincarnated as a mobile haven filled with fine sportswear goods, vintage photos, and artifacts found in Paris fleas, all selected to evoke the adventurous spirit of the brand and its customer. The trailer boasts the sleek modernity of a boutique hotel paired with the coziness of a ski lodge.

The Aetherstream will pull into Lower Manhattan on November 17th and stay parked through the holiday season.

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Visit Aetherstream in Manhattan through December at 47 Prince at Mulberry or online at

Photos: Aetherstream, Aether Apparel