Oh holy night, the stars are brightly shining… And they were Wednesday night when Dom Perignon hosted an event in its Power of Creation series of special artistic experiences. Though it wasn’t Christmas and it wasn’t those kinds of stars, but the ones that tend to sparkle best on a stage. The much-anticipated creative scenario: a duet between John Legend and Lang Lang. The venue: St. Bartholomew’s Church on Park Avenue, a topic of conversation itself for the mix of actresses, socials and art world bold-facers who happily sipped Dom Perignon vintage 2003 in the building’s narthex.

“How did they manage to get this church for an event?” queried one guest. “I guess there’s a very progressive priest,” quipped his friend.


Perhaps. Normal wooden pews were replaced by black leather tufted benches, a fact Lang Lang couldn’t help remarking on.

“I’ve never seen a church with a leather sofa in my life before,” he laughed, adding, “I actually enjoy playing in church because it’s very inspiring. You play one note and it flies.”

His co-conspirator, Legend, had nothing but kind things to say of the pianist, and was quick to add that, no, they had not been sampling the product throughout their rehearsals. “I’m going to have a lot of champagne when I’m done, but it dries my throat out when I’m trying to sing,” he said. “I’m sure it’s fine for the pianist.” (For the record, Lang was equally dry, even jokingly telling a guest “Drink up, we’ll sound better!”)

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Their performance left most guests with chills, and included a rendition of Nina Simone’s cover of “Here Comes the Sun” and a track from Legend’s next album “All for Me.” After, everyone retired to three long, decadently candlelit tables behind a row of hedges for a meal of oysters Rockefeller served with Dom Perignon 1966 Magnum, matzo ball soup with a mini pastrami reuben (happy almost Hanukkah, too?) and surf and turf. Chef Josh Capon oversaw the dinner, while Dom Perignon Vintages’ Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy was responsible for the beverage selection.


Many seemed to wonder exactly what miraculous circumstances had merited this celebratory feast. “The Power of Creation,” declared Moet Hennessey USA CEO Jim Clerkin at the night’s end. Amen.

Photos: Neil Rasmus/