Photographer Alex Prager, the award-winning, MoMA-exhibited, W-featured, Hitchcockian mastermind is continuing her foray into the world of film with her latest project: Compulsion.


"I think that there was a point with still photography that felt like I'd gotten all I could from it at that moment. I was getting restless and needed to shake things up. That's when I did my first short film, Despair," she says of her beautifully suspenseful 2010 project featuring Bryce Dallas Howard.

Her new project, La Petite Mort [the film component of Compulsion] starring French actress Judith Godreche, explores the mystery of death through "a woman experiencing the boundaries of her body and those of this world." Prager also teamed up with Director of Photography Matthew Libatique, whose resume includes fittingly evocative, moody titles like Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream.

"With La Petite Mort it's more like a real movie to a feature film in a condensed form on acid," she says. "I feel like film has really been an organic step for me, but definitely in no way is it going to take the place of photography. It's more of an extension for me."

Check out an exclusive preview of La Petite Mort and interview with Prager. Compulsion opens at M+B in Los Angeles on April 7, Yancey Richardson in New York on April 5, and Michael Hoppen Contemporary in London on April 20.

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